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Many people think that Altitude Services only do external lighting, but that's not the case.

In 2015 our long term Fixed Cost Maintenance customer, The Book People, asked us to look into providing an LED solution for their 2.5 acre warehouse and call centre at Parc Menai, Bangor.

The existing lighting consisted of 400w Metal Halide and 250w Metal Halide fittings.  We found that by switching to LED lighting the overall energy consumption could be reduced hugely. 

Altitude were tasked with surveying existing lighting, providing a design solution including calculation and reporting of energy/carbon costs and savings, and ultimately supply and installation of the new LED high bay units. 

By converting to LED, The Book People made annual savings of 63% in lighting energy consumption.  The energy savings compared to the previous high bay 400w lights more than covered the cost of the entire project within 2 years, and provided a far superior working environment for the 200+ staff based there.

The project included supply and installation of over 300 High Bay LED Luminaires, and was completed in 4 weeks - 2 weeks early than our agreed completion, and on budget.

All the lighting was installed while the warehouse was fully operational.  Altitude staff worked closely with The Book People staff to minimise disruption to the day-to-day operations.  Critical work areas such as the production lines and despatch bays were completed during the early morning and weekends.

On completion, Adam Jones, Head of Facilities at The Book People commented “Thank you.  Your guys have worked very hard.  We are delighted with the scheme and look forward to getting some payback with the savings.”

Rob Westwood, Altitude Services Commercial Manager said “We were delighted with the opportunity to work with The Book People in providing an LED solution for their Bangor distribution facility.  The project showcases our capability and expertise in providing an end-to-end service, from conception to completion, with great results both aesthetically and in terms of energy saved.  Our installation teams worked hard to ensure minimal inconvenience during the works, complete the project early, on budget, and most importantly with no accidents”.

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