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Altitude Services provide all types of Traffic Sign Installation including; Illuminated Signage, Variable Messaging, Vehicle Activated, Passively Safe, Advanced Direction and Temporary Route or Event Signage.

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Discover more about each of the types of traffic sign that we provide installation and maintenance services for:

Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signage refers to road signs equipped with lighting elements to enhance visibility during low light conditions or nighttime. These signs play a crucial role in ensuring road safety by providing clear and easily discernible information to drivers. Common examples include illuminated speed limit signs, pedestrian crossings, and warning signs, all of which contribute to improved road awareness and reduced accident risks in darker environments.

Variable Messaging Signage

Variable messaging signs are dynamic road signs capable of displaying real-time information and updates to drivers. These signs are often used to convey changing conditions such as traffic congestion, weather-related issues, or emergency messages. Variable messaging signage helps authorities manage traffic flow efficiently and keeps drivers informed about current situations, allowing them to make informed decisions for a safer and more convenient journey.

Vehicle Activated Signage

Vehicle-activated signs are designed to respond to specific conditions or actions of approaching vehicles. These signs are equipped with sensors that trigger a change in display based on factors such as vehicle speed, weight, or the activation of certain vehicle features. Common examples include speed-activated signs that display the driver’s current speed or weight-activated signs near bridges, alerting drivers with overweight vehicles to take an alternative route.

Passively Safe Signage

Passively safe signage is engineered with materials and designs that minimise the risk of injury in the event of a collision. These signs are constructed to absorb and dissipate impact energy, reducing the severity of injuries to occupants of vehicles that may collide with the sign. This type of signage contributes to overall road safety by prioritising the protection of road users in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Advanced Direction Signage

Advanced direction signage provides comprehensive and clear guidance to drivers, helping them navigate complex road systems, intersections, and junctions. These signs use symbols, arrows, and written information to indicate the direction of various routes, lanes, or destinations. Advanced direction signage is crucial for facilitating smooth traffic flow, reducing confusion, and enhancing overall road safety by ensuring that drivers can make timely and accurate decisions.

Temporary Route or Event Signage

Temporary route or event signage is deployed for specific, short-term purposes such as redirecting traffic due to roadwork, guiding drivers to temporary events, or providing detour information. These signs are often bright and easily noticeable, with clear, concise information to ensure drivers can follow alternate routes or reach their destinations despite temporary disruptions. This type of signage helps maintain order and safety during construction projects, special events, or other temporary changes to road conditions.

Non-Routine Traffic Sign Maintenance

We can also provide routine and non-routine maintenance of traffic signs, including Data Collection / Verification and condition surveys.

Motorway Signage Maintenance

Altitude currently have contracts in place for various local authorities and highways agencies for Traffic Sign Installation services, such as the Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent (NMWTRA).

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Traffic Sign Installation & Maintenance

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