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Independent DNO Connection Provider

Altitude Services are a Lloyds Registered, Independent Connections Provider (ICP) through the National Electrical Registration Scheme (NERS). We are authorised to carry out Network Connections, Disconnections and Transfers, providing an end to end street lighting solution for Local Authorities, Housing Developers or Civil Engineering clients.

Street Lighting Connections

An integral part of our Street Lighting Installation Services includes DNO Connections and our authorisation to carry out Network Connections, Disconnections and Transfers. Discover more about the DNO Connections for Street Lighting Clients:

DNO Street Lighting Connections For Local Authorities

Altitude Services are currently street lighting contractors for many local Authorities, such as; Lancashire County Council and Cumbria County Council.

Contact us if you require Street Lighting Connection services for your Local Authority >

Doncaster Street Lighting Connection

What Is A “Distribution Network Operator” (DNOs)

Distribution Network Operator (DNO) is a company responsible for operating and maintaining the local electricity distribution networks. These networks are the lower voltage networks that deliver electricity from the high-voltage transmission system to homes, businesses, and other end-users.

The electricity supply chain in the UK consists of three main parts:

  1. Generation: Electricity is generated at power stations, which can be fueled by various sources such as coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewable energy (e.g., wind, solar, hydro), etc.
  2. Transmission: The high-voltage transmission network, operated by the National Grid, transports electricity from power stations to distribution points across the country.
  3. Distribution: DNOs take over from the transmission system at the distribution points and distribute electricity at a lower voltage level to consumers within their specific geographical areas.

The DNOs in the UK are licensed and regulated by Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) to ensure that they adhere to industry standards and provide a reliable and cost-effective electricity distribution service to consumers.

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