Altitude Services Case Study

Street Lighting PFI support – E-On

E-on chose Altitude Services to be a key installation partner on their prestigious PFI contract in Blackpool in 2009.  We installed the lanterns (LED/SON with Harvard CMS), many of the new columns and all of the illuminated signs and bollards. 

Some 15000 columns and lanterns and the associated signs and bollards have been installed by Altitude Services to date.  We also carry out live connection work across both contracts.  We currently have five fully certified connection crews carrying out up to 300 connections / transfers / disconnections every week.

E-on again selected us to work with them on their much larger Rochdale/Oldham PFI contract, which commenced in 2011.  This contract involves us installing 55,000 Lanterns (again a mixture of LED/SON with Harvard CMS), and all of the illuminated signs and bollards (approximately 14,000). 

This project was completed by Altitude Services.

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