A Framework for road lighting success

Altitude Services has recently put in a successful bid to carry out work under the Cumbria Road Lighting Framework. This means we will be installing LED lanterns and lighting columns to improve street lighting in the area.  The contract duration is 3 years plus and option to extend for a third year.

We will be carrying out both major schemes and more minor, but essential, small projects.

The Benefits of LED Road and Street Lighting

Providing effective road and street lighting has several benefits, and for local authorities, these are connected to objectives to do with road and community safety, social inclusion and quality of life.

Effective lighting can help to reduce road traffic accidents and street crime. It can also help reduce residents’ fear of crime, which is an important factor in improving people’s overall quality of life.

In connection with this, improved street lighting can also help with social inclusion, with more people feeling they have the freedom to walk the streets after dark. In addition, it may also encourage enrolment in evening social activities and education facilities.

Better street lighting can also boost the leisure economy, promoting economic development in the area.

Road and street lighting also supports emergency services, helping them better identify locations and improving their response times.

All these qualities are further enhanced by the adoption of LED lighting, which adds energy efficiency, low maintenance and environmental friendliness to street lighting benefits. LEDs also emit a better quality of light compared to traditional sodium lamps.

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Altitude’s Role

Competing for work with other companies, Altitude Services has been able to demonstrate its fitness for carrying out work under the Cumbria Road Lighting Framework and has successfully bid for works on several packages that it covers.

The initial works will include the exclusive replacement of 3,000 lamps, along with other LED upgrades and column replacements.

Further work will involve tendering in mini-competition against other companies within the framework.

Further Information

Altitude Services provides a range of outdoor lighting solutions, including street and road lighting. We offer a complete end to end service, from design through to completion and maintenance.

To find out more, please call us on 01282 450525, or complete our online enquiry form, and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

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