Altitude Services at UCLAN Spark degree apprenticeship event

Altitude Services Showcases Opportunities at UCLAN Spark Degree Apprenticeship Event

In a bid to inspire the next generation of professionals and to uncover new talent, Altitude Services proudly participated in the UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) Spark Degree Apprenticeship event. Held in collaboration with the UCLAN Business Team, the event provided an excellent platform for students to engage with potential employers and learn about exciting career paths.

Altitude Services, a leading provider of comprehensive exterior lighting solutions, was represented by a team of dedicated professionals including Rob Westwood, Danny Childs, Claire Connolly and Scott Bradley. Their presence at the event highlighted the company’s commitment to fostering educational growth and providing invaluable career opportunities for aspiring engineers.

Spotlight on Career Opportunities

During the event, Altitude Services was actively recruiting for two pivotal roles within their organisation: two Quantity Surveyors (QS) and an Electrical Engineer. These positions are integral to the company’s operations, and the recruitment drive aimed to attract motivated individuals who are eager to develop their skills in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Meet the Team

The event provided students with the opportunity to interact with the experienced professionals from Altitude Services.

Engaging with Future Talent

The UCLAN Spark Degree Apprenticeship event was a resounding success, with numerous students expressing interest in the opportunities at Altitude Services. The company’s stand was bustling with activity as attendees engaged in insightful conversations, gathered information about the roles, and received advice on career progression.

Altitude Services’ participation in the event underscored their dedication to investing in future talent and their belief in the importance of hands-on, practical education. By offering degree apprenticeships, the company not only helps students gain valuable work experience but also ensures they are equipped with the skills needed to excel in their chosen fields.

Looking Ahead

As Altitude Services continues to grow, their commitment to nurturing new talent remains unwavering. The company looks forward to welcoming enthusiastic and skilled individuals to their team, helping them to achieve their career aspirations while contributing to the company’s ongoing success.

With a focus on innovation, quality, and professional development, Altitude Services is the perfect place to launch a rewarding career in engineering and beyond.

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